the boldness of the digital playmaker

The concept of the Digital Playmaker is inspired by the world of basketball, where the playmaker is the one who leads the team, coordinates actions, and creates gameplay opportunities. Similarly, in the digital context, the Digital Playmaker is the one who, with a broad strategic vision, guides the team through the complexity of the digital landscape, creating innovative strategies and solutions.

Just as in basketball, where the playmaker must be versatile, intuitive, and capable of quickly adapting to game situations, the Adiacent team is also equipped with cross-functional skills, decision-making abilities, and a clear vision.

We are committed to turning digital challenges into successful opportunities, offering a competitive advantage to companies in the ever-evolving digital market.

the value generation loop

We adopt a 360° vision that starts from data and market analysis to define tailored strategies. We implement the “Value Generation Loop”: a dynamic cycle that not only guides project design and analysis but also extends within them. We create unique experiences supported by advanced technological solutions, and continuously monitor results to fuel a continuous cycle of business learning and growth.

A virtuous circle that guides us towards excellence and enables us to shape a dynamic ecosystem where each phase mutually feeds one another.


We observe the markets to bring effective strategies to life and employ advanced analysis capable of measuring results and evolving along with the flow of data.

  • Market Understanding
  • AI, Machine & Deep Learning
  • Social & Web Listening and Integrated Analytics
  • Budget, Predictive, Forecasting & Datawarehouse


We design projects that enhance companies’ business, brand identity, and user experience, both in domestic and international markets.

  • Business Strategy & Brand Positioning
  • Employee & Customer Experience
  • Content & Creativity
  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality


We develop and integrate multichannel technologies that generate increasingly seamless experiences and connections globally, both online and offline.

  • Omnichannel Development & Integration
  • E-commerce & Global Marketplace
  • PIM & DAM
  • Mobile & DXP


We drive qualified traffic and engagement to increase brand relevance, attract new potential customers, and nurture lasting relationships. We ensure a continuous flow of goods and services from inventory processing and fulfillment to delivery to customers on major e-commerce platforms and markets globally.

  • CRO, Traffic, Performance, Engagement & Advertising
  •  Servicedesk & Customer Care
  • Maintenance & Continuous Improvements
  • Supply Chain, Operations, Store & Content Management

Thanks to the collaboration with, we have brought more than 400 Italian companies to the world’s largest B2B marketplace, with a global market of 190 countries.

china digital index

With over 50 specialized resources on the Chinese market and with an office in Shanghai, we support companies that would like to expand to China. Explore the positioning of Italian brands within Chinese digital and social channels.


Over the last 20 years, we experienced the processes, the prospectives, and the ambitions of the wine industry, collaborating with the excellence of the Wine world.

life sciences

We support the needs of companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, helping them build an integrated and cohesive ecosystem.


Report illicit, illegal, immoral, or unethical behaviors within an organization declaring your name or anonymously. Adiacent’s VarWhistle solution contributes to improving transparency, accountability, and integrity within companies.

virtual & augmented reality

Virtual images, real emotions. From virtual productions, CGI videos, and renders to interactive architecture and virtual tours in the Design, Luxury, Fashion, Museums worlds.

stronger together

Our partnership with Adobe can count on significant expertise, skilled professionals, projects, and prestigious awards. They are recognized not only as Adobe Gold & Specialized Partner but also as one of the most specialized entities in Italy on the Adobe Commerce platform.

BigCommerce is a versatile and innovative solution, built to sell on both local and global scales. As a BigCommerce partner, Adiacent can guide your company through a digital project “from strategy to execution” from a 360° angle.

We are proud to be one of the strategically valuable Italian HCL Business Partners, thanks to the expertise of our specialized team who works on these technologies every day, building, integrating, and implementing.

Pimcore offers revolutionary and innovative software to centralize and standardize product information and company catalogs. Pimcore’s innovative technology can adapt to each specific business need, thus bringing every digital transformation project to fruition.

With Salesforce, the world’s number 1 CRM for the 14th year according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, you can have a complete vision of your company. From sales to customer care: the only tool that manages all the processes for you and enhances performance of different departments.

Shopware perfectly combines the Headless approach with Open Source, creating a platform without limitations and with a fast return on investments. Moreover, thanks to our network of solutions and partners, you can add any tools you want to support your growth in digital markets.

Zendesk simplifies customer support and internal helpdesk team management through a single powerful software package. Adiacent integrates and harmonizes all systems, making agile and always up-to-date communication with clients.

Would you like more information about us?
Don’t hesitate to write to us!

Would you like more information about us?
Don’t hesitate to write to us!

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