Marketing, creativity, technology: three souls that coexist and contaminate each other in every single project we deliver. These three elements work together, always following a business oriented vision, to offer you measurable solutions and results.

Our goal is to build experiences that boost your business growth. We work on it every single day.

For our clients. Alongside our clients.
This is Adiacent.

solid & proud

We are very proud to belong to such a great Group, which has been writing indelible pages in the IT landscape in the last 40 years.

Together with Var Group, we are part of Sesa’s Group, which is listed on the Italian Equity Market of Borsa Italiana since 2013. SeSa is a leading distributor of ICT solutions in Italy and has a revenue of about €2,390 billions (data updated to 30th of April 2022).

Here is where every single form of innovation, either technological, of process or related with customer experience, begins.



More than 350 people, 11 offices throughout Italy and
4 offices abroad (China, Mexico and Spain).
Our skills are both humanistic and technological,
mixed into a continuous evolution.




million euros
in turnover


offices in Italy


foreign offices
China, Mexico,

obsessed with


Building experiences means connecting all the most important dots of your project, without ever lifting the pen from the paper.

We are all focused on achieving relevant goals and on measuring them: this is the essential criteria to create relevant contents into the right boxes.

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