Pinko grows in the Chinese market thanks to an omnichannel strategy

Pinko approaches the Asian market with Adiacent: IT Optimization and Omnichannel Success in China.

Pinko, the fashion brand born in the late ’80s from the inspiration of Pietro Negra, current President and CEO, along with his wife Cristina Rubini, has redefined the concept of women’s fashion. It offers a revolutionary interpretation for the modern woman, independent, strong, and aware of her femininity, eager to express her personality through style choices.

Solution and Strategies

•  Omnichannel integration
•  System Integration
•  Data mgmt
•  CRM

This vision has significantly contributed to the growth of Pinko globally over the years. Though in an increasingly competitive retail market, Pinko has the need to optimize its digital systems to achieve a more advanced level of omnichannel capability, aligned with the needs of Asian consumers.

Adiacent has supported Pinko in this process, helping to manage the entire IT and digital ecosystem in Asia, with a particular focus on the Chinese market. Activities have included the management and maintenance of Pinko’s digital systems in the East, but more importantly, the development of special projects to increase omnichannel capabilities. These projects ranged from rolling out stock management systems between online and offline channels to implementing CRM solutions on Salesforce tailored to the data residency regulations of the Chinese market and the engagement needs of a brand like Pinko.

The initial results of this collaboration have shown significant success, with double-digit percentage optimizations in IT management costs for Pinko in China. However, the journey towards the digital evolution of companies is a continuous and ongoing process, requiring constant adaptation to emerging technologies and the changing dynamics of the market. In this context, Pinko is committed to ensuring a continuous and high-quality experience for its customers in China and beyond.