Bialetti becomes even more global

From Spain to Singapore, Adiacent stands by the iconic Italian coffee brand in Italy.

Bialetti, a reference in the coffee preparation products market, was born in Crusinallo, a small hamlet of Omegna (VB), where Alfonso Bialetti opened a workshop to produce aluminum semi-finished products, which later became an atelier for the creation of finished products.
In 1933, Alfonso Bialetti’s genius gave birth to the Moka Express, revolutionizing the way coffee was prepared at home and accompanying the awakening of generations of Italians.
Today, Bialetti is one of the main reference players in the sector, thanks to its renown and high quality that sees them present not only in Italy where the headquarters is located, but also in France, Germany, Turkey, the United States, and Australia with its subsidiaries, not to mention the distribution network globally.

Solution and Strategies

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•  E-commerce & Global Marketplace
•  Performance, Engagement & Advertising
•  Supply Chain, Operations & Finance
•  Store & Content Management

Telepromotions marketing activities
Meta & TikTok marketing activities

Strategic Expansion: Bialetti on Miravia

In order to strengthen its online offering in the Spanish market, Bialetti chooses Adiacent as Premium Partner to open a store on Miravia, the new marketplace by the Alibaba Group launched from this market. Diversification is the keyword that triggered the collaboration between Bialetti, Adiacent, and Miravia: the audience targeted by the new marketplace completely breaks the mold of the e-commerce world in Europe, effectively turning it into a Social Commerce platform where the interaction between brands and customers becomes even tighter. 

Adiacent supports Bialetti in all aspects of managing the store on Miravia. From opening to setup, optimization to customer service, logistics to finance, and operation management to maintenance, all reinforced by continuously growing advertising and marketing campaigns.  

A virtuous example of co-marketing with Miravia was the 2023 Christmas campaign, which saw Bialetti advertised on major TV channels in Spain. Thanks to this campaign, both the brand and the marketplace were able to reach a wider audience, strengthening their positioning in the Spanish market.

Global Collaboration: Bialetti and Adiacent in Southeast Asia

The project became even more global when, thanks to a strong collaboration between the brand, the local distributor, and Adiacent, a winning synergy was born to increase the penetration of Bialetti products in the Singaporean market. Whole bean coffee, ground coffee, and the classic range of Bialetti Moka pots are the products contributing to the success of the brand, which also aims to promote Italian coffee culture in Singapore. 

The collaboration that began in September 2023 immediately saw an optimization of marketing expenditure and a consequent increase in sales, thanks to a careful traffic generation strategy on Shopee and Lazada, the two main digital platforms in the Southeast Asian market. 

The ability to enjoy an integrated vision and strategy between online and offline has given rise to an omnichannel approach for the brand. Combined with precise education and customer service activities, this approach is creating the best environment for growth and experimenting with new marketing strategies to consolidate Bialetti’s leadership position. 

Shaping the future

The current projects serve as a solid foundation and a small beginning of an even broader collaboration. While the future opening of other markets on Miravia will strengthen Bialetti’s positioning in Europe, the Southeast Asian market with its dynamism will present new challenges and opportunities, offering the chance to explore new forms of sales such as live commerce or the opening of new social commerce channels. It’s a fast-paced and growing market that will support Bialetti in its commercial journey across the rest of Asia.