Adiacent is PharmaNutra’s strategic partner in China

Development and implementation of the communication and sales strategy for SiderAL®

Founded in Pisa in 2003, PharmaNutra has distinguished itself in the production of iron-based nutritional supplements under the brand SiderAL®, boasting significant patents related to Sucrosomial® Technology. SiderAL®, the Iron market leader in Italy, (Source: I-QVIA 2023), is exported to 67 countries worldwide. 

At the core of the project lies the decision to enter the Chinese market, with a potential target consumers’ base of over 200 million and to capture a portion of that market by educating Chinese consumers and doctors about the uniqueness and proven effectiveness of Sucrosomial® technology. 


Solution and Strategies

• Market Understanding
• Business Strategy & Brand Positioning
• Content & Digital Strategy
• E-commerce & Global Marketplace
• Omnichannel Development & Integration
• Social media Management
• Performance, Engagement & Advertising
• Supply Chain, Operations & Finance
• Store & Content Management

Adiacent, leveraging its knowledge and direct presence in the Chinese market, has developed the strategy to achieve these objectives by activating the most suitable commercial channels in line with market trends. 

In addition to the launch of SiderAL® in China, PharmaNutra has also entrusted Adiacent with designing and executing a long-term online marketing and sales strategy. After carefully studying the product, the market, and the competitors, Adiacent proposed and implemented a calibrated and attentive strategy, specific to the dynamics of the Chinese market and consumers, creating high-value content and opportunities in the medical-scientific field without compromising SiderAL® ‘s brand positioning.  

Over the course of two years, the project achieved a remarkable growth by focusing on consumers’ loyalty, opening new sales channels (Tmall Global, Douyin Global, and Pinduoduo Global), and creating collaboration opportunities with medical-scientific organizations aligned with the brand’s positioning.  

The objective is to continue growing by expanding the base of loyal consumers, consolidating collaboration with prominent medical figures in the territory, whilst observing and promptly responding to the ever-evolving local market.