The new website of Sesa Group bears Adacto│Adiacent signature

ESG themes, transparency, and people at the heart of the corporate storytelling on the portal

The Sesa Group, a leading player in Italy in the field of technological innovation and digital services for the business segment, has chosen the full support of Adacto | Adiacent for the development of its new corporate website.

Competencies, focus on ESG themes, values, growth, and transparency: the corporate storytelling gives space to new ways of presenting the group’s identity.

The project, which started from the need to revise the Investor Relations section with the precise objective of enhancing communication to stakeholders and shareholders, was then extended to other areas of the website and has seen a profound rethinking of the Group’s digital identity.

Starting from the initial need, we have adopted new strategies to address financial communication with the goal of making communication transparent to stakeholders. From the Investor Kit to financial documents and press releases: the Investor Relations section has been enhanced and enriched with valuable content for the target audience.

ESG themes are at the center of communication, along with certifications and sustainability, a key lever for future business strategies and an essential factor for the success of the Group. For this reason, the website shows, in addition to a section entirely dedicated to Sustainability, a communication focused on ESG themes that runs throughout the portal.

Solution and Strategies

· User Experience
· Content Strategy 
· Website Dev

The “People” page has been enriched with content dedicated to the approach, training, and enhancement of talents, as well as themes of diversity and inclusion. The narrative of challenges, hiring programs, welfare, and sustainability at Sesa is entrusted to Ambassadors, key figures who help the user and guide him in discovering the values of the Group.

The focus on people is also reflected in the choice to make the website accessible to all users. For this reason, Accessiway has been chosen as a solution, demonstrating a tangible commitment to inclusion.