The digital marries the tradition

The nature of digital architecture

Telling our ten-year collaboration with Ornellaia is a precious occasion. Not only because the brand of Francescobaldi’s family represents a celebrated icon in the world wine scenario. But it is also a precious occasion because it allows us to understand how offline and online are strictly related, even when it comes to wines, stories, and identities that are handed down through the centuries. Every detail acquires meaning within the digital architecture that is born, grows, and takes root, following the logic and dynamics of nature.

Solution and Strategies

· App Dev
· Customer Journey
·  Data Analysis

From User Experience to Customer Journey

A dynamic and evolving space where communication aligns consistently with the brand’s image and values: this was Ornellaia’s request. We contributed to the design and implementation of the institutional website, creating an environment that engages, captivates, and guides the user in exploring and discovering the wines, the estate, and, more broadly, this historical brand that tells centuries of Italian heritage. The website, available in six languages, is characterized by a smooth and enjoyable user experience where images tell a compelling story. To enhance the customer journey, we built a photographic index with various labels, a choice that allows users to reach products intuitively.

Customer Satisfaction: in real-time and at hand

The Ornellaia app – available in Italian, English, and German – is accessible only to business customers via a code requested upon the first access. After logging in, users can navigate through a meticulously designed experience. Through the CMS, the Ornellaia team easily manages the news section of the app, which sends push notifications. Furthermore, it is connected to the company’s CRM, which processes acquired data for remarketing operations. This way, the app is part of a broader strategy aimed at customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Reputation & Awareness:
always under control

For Ornellaia, we created a Press Analysis tool that analyzes and monitors the brand’s relevance in the press. It is a user-friendly web application with controlled access that, through a few simple operations, measures Ornellaia’s performance in online and offline media. The tool analyzes how often the press has published news about the company and its products, the geographical distribution of journalistic headlines, and the characteristics of each article, thanks to a tagging system that classifies and qualifies different contents. The solution is complemented by a business intelligence dashboard – for multidimensional analysis of articles published by the press – highlighting whether the communication investment is balanced with the results obtained. This Press Analysis tool lives and interacts within Ornellaia’s technological ecosystem, thanks to integrations with existing company information assets.

From Data
to Performance

The data-driven approach is not limited to the Press Analysis tool. Through QlikView technology and the consulting expertise of our Analytics team, we provide Ornellaia with all the data to measure business efficiency and obtain meaningful indicators to support continuous performance improvement.

Information as a shared heritage

The Connect intranet provides Ornellaia, its group, and external partners with a unique environment to share all relevant information for the growth and development of the business. Customized using Microsoft technology, the intranet represents a secure and always accessible environment via a web browser, essential for daily activities.