A new digital experience for Giunti Editore

From the retail world to the flagship store up to the user experience of the innovative Giunti Odeon

A new chapter in the collaboration between Giunti and Var Group, this time regarding digital projects. Giunti Editore, the historical publishing company based in Florence, has reimagined its online offering and has chosen our support for the re-platforming of its digital properties, aiming for an evolution towards an integrated cross-channel experience.

Behind the project there is the choice of a single application for managing the giuntialpunto.it website, the site of bookstores that sells gift cards and adopts a go-to-store business model, the giuntiedu.it website, dedicated to the world of education and training, and the new giunti.it website, the actual e-commerce platform of the publishing company.

Solution and Strategies

·  Replatforming
·  Shopify Plus
·  System Integration
·  Design UX/UI

The Solution

In addition to this reengineering of the properties implemented on Shopify Plus, an intense integration system activity has been carried out, developing a middleware that serves as an integration layer between the Group’s ERP, the catalog, the order management processes, and the Moodle platform for accessing training courses with Single Sign-On. The UX/UI, also studied by Adiacent, guides the digital experience through a smooth and engaging journey designed to make product/service selection and purchase as simple as possible, both in the from-website-to-store model and the full e-commerce purchase cases.

Our collaboration with Giunti involved our participation in designing the user experience and the Giunti Odeon site’s UX/UI, for the innovative venue recently inaugurated in Florence.

It’s a broad-spectrum project that touches many company functions and workflows, creating a true extension of the online business. No longer just an e-commerce, but an integrated and cross-channel platform that enable all the potential of digital.

At the heart of the project, there is the desire to provide customers with a unified and engaging experience across all physical and digital touchpoints to create an effective ecosystem and bring the same customer-oriented approach offered in the more than 260 bookstores to websites and apps.