When refactoring is a brilliant move

The digital archive of Leonardo da Vinci’s works

e-Leo is the digital archive of the Genio that preserves and safeguards the complete collection of editions of Leonardo’s works, with documents dating back to 1651.

In occasion of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, in 2019, the Municipality of Vinci has announced a contest for the realization of the refactoring of the e-Leo portal of the Leonardian Municipal Library of Vinci.

Solution and Strategies

· Refactoring
· Data Management
· Archivio digitale
· Lettura interattiva
· WordPress experience
· Funzionalità avanzate

The ecosystem’s design

The portal is user-friendly, with a redesigned and adapted graphical design for more advanced interfaces and is also accessible from mobile devices. Text consultation is smart and interactive: searches can be conducted, bookmarks can be added, and the archive can be queried using the class-based search according to Iconclass standards.

The platform is based on the WordPress CMS, on which, through JavaScript/jQuery technology, completely customized areas have been integrated.

Advanced document management

By taking advantage of the framework PHP Symfony, and a set of javascript/jQuery/Fabric.js libraries, extended by personalized script, our developers created a management area with advanced features that, in addition to uploading scanned documents, it allowed us to manage all the other information useful for consultation, from Iconclass documents classification to entries and attachments of the glossaries.

Image mapping

One of the major limitations of the previous e-Leo project was the lack of an area to manage the material for consultation.

With the refactoring, an administrative area has been introduced to resolve this issue. Thanks to this new area, a dedicated application developed for this purpose, library operators can upload images with scans of the sheets that make up the documents, and their corresponding transcriptions, and perform a “mapping” between the areas of the images and the respective literal transcriptions.