Storytelling, user experience, and technology for Caviro's circular economy model

From vineyard to vineyard, the narrative of values.

The tender opened by Caviro aimed to redefine the online identity through a new set of values that consistently represented their leadership in the field in which it operates, starting from the main claim. The focus was on the values that all Group companies share and on the innovation (ethical, sustainable, and technological) of the circular economy model adopted.

The Caviro Group was born in 1966 in Faenza, in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, to make more valuable the grapes of its members in a land rich in identity and with a high winemaking vocation. Today, the Group exports to over 70 countries and represents the largest Winery in Italy and the first company in terms of wine volumes produced in our country. Tavernello is its most famous brand, renowned worldwide. However, Caviro’s influence goes beyond wine.

Solution and Strategies

· Creative Concept
· Video ADV
· UX & UI Design
· Website Dev

Caviro Extra Spa is dedicated to recovering by-products obtained from the viticulture and agri-food supply chain, transforming them into biomethane and high-quality products for the food, pharmaceutical, and agricultural sectors. In the market, it is a leader in alcohol production in Italy and a co-world leader in natural tartaric acid. Additionally, through the joint participation of Enomondo, what remains is transformed into energy from renewable sources. The Caviro Group today represents a European excellence in the field of circular and sustainable economy.

The claim “Here, where everything comes together” was created to encapsulate and narrate 50 years of history and evolution. It is the story of the bond between humans and nature. Everything originates from the earth and returns to the earth. It is a harmonious concept that needs to be protected, preserved, and valued. In every single moment, in every single gesture. Caviro cultivates not only vines but also actions and values. It does not prioritize profit maximization but rather respect for the territory and the people who live in it. Caviro’s circular economy was born to preserve the value of natural resources over time. Here, there is a system that creates shared value, meets today’s needs, and returns fertile land. Here, there is a virtuous vision that unifies past, present, and future. Here, there is an infinite cycle in which everything flows, nourishes, and returns to the origin.

From the claim to the video

The website’s concept reflects the values of the claim and the circular economy. The homepage opens with a video illustrating the new claim “Here, where everything comes together,” welcoming the visitor among the souls of the Caviro Group. To emphasize the values of this model, we have built a visual identity within the website that constantly recalls the completeness of the circle declined, in the different moments of the narrative, through its protagonists: the product, the human, and nature.

The project dedicated to the new website and the new brand identity of the Caviro Group was awarded at the NC Digital Awards 2021 in the “Best Corporate Website” category.