When the brand turns into an influencer.

We said many and many times that markets are first of all conversations, experiences. Brands and people look for each other, touch each other, talk together and choose their match. The most attentive brands have already grasped the opportunities this evolution brings along. Santamargherita is an Italian excellence specialised in the production of quartz and marble agglomerates.
For over 50 years, this brand has been an expression of the high quality Made in Italy all over the world. Excellence and quality are essential values for Santamargherita, which has also been awarded by entering the top 50 most virtuous Venetian companies ranking.

  • Digital strategy
  • Content production
  • Digital PR
  • SEO & seeding
  • Social media strategy
  • Social ADS
  • Spot video
  • Advertising

Together with Santamargherita we thought about a new editorial model, aiming to start a direct connection with the final consumer. Santamargherita wants to tell people its ability to combine tradition and innovation.

This new paradigm is giving voice to an emotional dialogue with people, sculpting Santamargherita’s digital and brand identity, like in a marble work.

Digital strategy,
Content Production,
Digital PR

SantamargheritaMAG: inspiration, trends, projects.

In the new markets, where experience is central, high quality contents are the most important vehicle to spread brand authority. This is why we decided to create a webzine. SantamargheritaMAG has been created to inspire, share trends and projects about the interior design. Articles are both in Italian and English.

Adiacent organised a team of copywriters who constantly work on new articles, writing about interesting notions of Santamargherita’s materials but also covering larger issues. We set up a wider digital PR project as well: our MAG gives voice to interior designers and architects who talk about their works and their vision of such a fascinating industry.

SEO & seeding

In the right place, in the right search.

Being found on the Internet is essential to start new conversations. For this reason, we worked on a positioning strategy on search engines for Santamargherita’s website. We worked on the contents optimization for SEO and we structured a seeding activity, to give visibility to the brand on different channels and platforms.

A constant monitoring of results lets the website reach and maintain a successful positioning for the most strategic keywords.

Social media strategy, Social ADS

Marble is now social.

From the MAG to the Social Networks: these channels are essential to give life to contents and to collect feedbacks as well, in order to make the editorial strategy evolve everyday.

We found in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Houzz the most useful media for Santamargherita and we developed specific strategies for each channel.

During the first phase, we told the brand values, the infinite application possibilities of its products and all the projects made with Santamargherita’s materials in the most exclusive cities of the world.

Then we studied a strategy to consolidate the brand reputation and we changed to inspirational contents. We also set up ADS campaigns to enlarge the community of followers, bring qualified visitors to the website and increase contents readers.

Spot video

Quality and strength.

Raw material and Sport, two concepts that mark Santamargherita’s identity. Two key concepts that inspired the creative plot of three videos: unreal and humoristic situations in which characters emphasise the quality of Santamargherita’s materials.


Raw material. Territory. Passion.

Santamargherita is driven by a passion handed down from generation to generation with deep roots in Valpolicella and Verona.

This reality transforms the raw material into extraordinary surfaces in the same place where everything started more than 50 years ago.

The timeless beauty of marble and quartz combined with a colour palette inspired by the region tells us a story of innovation mixed to tradition.

The raw material is culture, tradition and competence.

The raw material is connection with the territory, is supporting sport associations and community.

The raw material is research, originality and constant evolution.

The raw material is passion.

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