A 360° digital marketing

The brand enhanced its own positioning and strengthened its relationship with B2B and B2C customers thanks to a new editorial model.

Since 2017, we have been a partner of Santamargherita, an Italian company specialized in the production of quartz and marble conglomerates, working together on many Digital Marketing projects.

The company’s main need was to expand its target audience and start reaching the B2C world and simultaneously working on a higher positioning to strengthen relationships with the B2B target made of designers, architecture studios, marble workers, and retailers.

The project also involved the creation of a new editorial model: we worked on digital strategy, content production, shooting and video, art direction, web marketing, and digital PR, with a constant and innovative presence on social media and the opening of an online webzine dedicated to products and curiosities in the sector.

Solution and Strategies

· Digital Strategy
· Web Marketing Italia/Estero
· Content Production
· Digital PR
· Social Media Management

SantamargheritaMAG: inspiration, trends, projects.

In this experiential market we live in, the authority of the brand goes inevitably through the quality and relevance of its content. Therefore, the first step to take was inevitably the creation of a webzine. SantamargheritaMAG was created to share inspirations, trends, and projects in the world of interior design, in both Italian and English.

The editorial team built within the agency consistently creates articles with a focus on Santamargherita materials, but the magazine covers wider horizons and themes. Thanks a dedicated digital PR project, the digital magazine contains articles from influencers in the interior design and architecture field. Each of them narrates the world of interior design according to their personal vision and style.

Social media are a precious business resource.

Santamargherita is on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest. The approach used on each social network is closely connected to the specificity of the channel. Special attention is given to Instagram, the main channel for Santamargherita. Thanks to the careful attention to the feed, the constant dynamism of the profile, and collaboration with designers and architects, Santamargherita has experienced significant growth in terms of brand awareness and has transformed social media into a true business resource with daily contact requests.

Editorial, from digital to physical.

From the success of SantamargheritaMAG, a pronted and digital paper dedicated to the best Santamargherita projects was created. In its printed format, it accompanies the company’s catalogs and is used for fairs and events such as gift. In its digital format, it is a perfect lead magnet for social campaigns aimed at contact acquisition.