The Fluid Customer Experience

Fluid: adjective and noun. In Physics, a substance, as a liquid or gas, that is made of flowing particles.  


Fluid: like the confrontation and the exchange of know-how between Adiacent and Mondo Convenienza Digital Factory. Over the years, this daily collaboration gave back a result that is a lot more than just the sum of the parts. We reached every goal together. Data & Performance, App & Web Development, Photo & Content Production: these souls are deeply connected by an osmosis process, which gives concrete benefits to the brand and a relevant professional growth. 

  • Enhanced Commerce​
  • App Dev​
  • Chatbot​
  • PIM​
  • Data Analysis​
  • SEO, SEM & DEM​
  • Gamification​
  • Marketing Automation

How we designed the ecosystem

Fluid. This is the perfect word we can use to describe the approach we followed to design the Unified Commerce for Mondo Convenienza. A box and a content, a product and a service, advertising and customer care. All these elements are connected together, always in a flux.
Listening actively to create customised experiences between people and the brand.  

Enhanced Commerce

We go beyond omnichannel.

The Enhanced Commerce for Mondo Convenienzawhich talks to Italian and Spanish markets, goes beyond an omnichannel” concept. It sees the customer as the centre of the purchasing processstarting from the simple seeking of information ending to delivery, going through purchase, payment and customer care services. 

Every single step of the customer experience has been deeply studied to put people at ease. This solution has been designed following Mobile First and PWA approach, which grant the best browsing performance on every device. 

Live chat

Listening. Dialogue. Fidelity.

Before selling something, you need to start a dialogueBut a dialogue needs first of all the ability to listen someone. Mondo Convenienza website offers an accurate customer care: starting from customers’ interests, requests and personal features, customer care builds proper one-to-one purchasing experiences. On the edge of this service, there’s the Live Chat: it is managed by 40 dedicated people that reply to users’ questions and guide them step by step to the purchase. It is not necessary to go to a store, you can just book a meeting on the live chat. This deep attention to people needs increases sales opportunities (online and offline), conversion rates and help build strong customer loyalty.

Data Analysis,
& Marketing Automation

Data Analysis, SEO, SEM & Marketing Automation

Building promises and peculiar experiences is possible only by a meticulous analysis of customers’ behaviours on the different touch points.  

It is very important to focus on three main moments: 

  • Working on the organic positioning of Mondo Convenienza, from the strategy to the application of SEO techniques; 
  • Monitoring seasonal trends to take every opportunity on search engine; 
  • Elaborating periodic reports to update the team about the current situations and to plan together the following steps. 

The next step is planning an advertising strategy on Google and Bing, both for Italian and Spanish markets. This strategy has two main goals: 

  • Guiding the customer through all the purchasing process with a full funnel approach; 
  • Transforming pure advertising into a customised proposition, which reflects customers’ desires and intentions, thanks to marketing automation tools.


The importance of being always ready. 

The Enhanced Commerce is based on a specific architecture, which has been thought to manage daily visits and especially crowded days. Just think of an event like Black Friday, when there are more than



for more than 6000 orders processed. These numbers clearly describe the reliability, the reputation and the turnover that the digital ecosystem gives to the brand. 

App Dev

A continuous experience.  

The shop online has been created around dynamics and logics you can find in the store as well, thanks to specific tools conceived to cut waiting times and improve customer satisfaction. The App, thought for sales consultants, help guide the entire purchasing process: the choice of a product, its variations and possible related references, waiting lists, documents, payment, delivery and customer care as well. The Totem, thought for customers, gives the chance to complete the purchasing process independently. These solutions give concrete benefits to the performance of the stores and, more in general, to the reputation of the brand.


There is place for everyone. 

What happens when lights turn down on New Year’s Eve dinner, when the last piece of cake has gone and nobody wants to play bingo anymore? It’s bedtime! Armchairs and sofa turn into beds for relatives, children go to their bedrooms, parents tide up and go to bed. Yes, the house is mess, but it doesn’t mind because family is finally together. Thanks to Mondo Convenienza there is place for everyone. Here the spot we made to tell the brand values: freedom, expertise, willingness, kindness and reliability. Enjoy!  

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