Mondo Convenienza
The Fluid Customer Experience

Data & Performance, App & Web Development, Photo & Content Production: seamless experience

Fluid. Like the exchange and sharing of skills between the Adiacent team and the Digital Factory of Mondo Convenienza. Over the years, this daily collaboration has obtained a result that is greater than the sum of its parts. Every milestone achieved; we have achieved it together. Data & Performance, App & Web Development, Photo & Content Production: connected souls, in a process of osmosis that leads to professional growth and tangible benefits for the brand.

Solution and Strategies

· Enhanced Commerce​
· App Dev​
· Chatbot​
· PIM​
· Data Analysis​
· Gamification​
· Marketing Automation

Design of the ecosystem

Fluid. It is the best adjective to describe the approach that guided us in the design of Mondo Convenienza’s Unified Commerce. Container and Content. Product and Service. Advertising and Assistance. Always together, always seamlessly connected, always evolving. To actively listen and then deliver personalized experiences between brands and people, seamlessly.

Beyond Omnichannel

Mondo Convenienza’s Enhanced Commerce, targeting the Italian and Spanish markets, goes beyond the concept of omnichannel to place people at the center of the purchasing process: from information search to delivery, through purchase, payment, and all assistance services.

Every single phase of the customer experience is designed to make the user feel comfortable. Starting from the design according to Mobile-First and PWA principles, offering optimal performance in every possible browsing mode.

Listening. Communication. Loyalty

Before selling, it is essential to communicate. But to communicate, we must know how to listen. Mondo Convenienza’s website stands out for the depth of its assistance services, allowing the construction of one-to-one paths around the interests, requests, and personal characteristics of the customer. At the top of this system is the Live Chat service: it involves a team of 40 people dedicated to answering the user’s questions in real-time, with the goal of assisting them, step by step, towards the completion of the purchase, even by transitioning to the physical store with an agreed appointment via chat. This attention to people’s needs translates into increased sales opportunities (online and in physical stores) and their respective conversions, with a high rate of customer loyalty.

Advertising as a proposal on a personal basis

The creation of distinctive promises and experiences relies on the constant flow of users and the correct analysis of data, regardless of the touchpoint. For this reason, it is essential to focus on three crucial moments:

  • Managing the optimization of Mondo Convenienza’s organic positioning, from strategy to the implementation of Technical and Semantic SEO best practices.
  • Monitoring seasonal trends to make the most of every opportunity for visibility on search engines.
  • Generate periodic reports to update the entire team on the situation and collaboratively plan future steps.

The next step is defining an advertising strategy on Google and Bing, targeting the Italian and Spanish audiences. With a dual objective:

  • Guide the user with a full-funnel approach throughout the entire purchasing experience, from generic search to the final intention.
  • Transform “advertising” into a personalized proposal, aligned with the user’s desires and intentions, using marketing automation tools.

Seamless experience

The dynamics and principles of the online shop also resonate within physical stores, through two tools designed to reduce waiting times and enhance customer satisfaction. The App, designed for sales consultants, allows them to follow the entire customer purchasing process via tablet: product and variant selection, related proposals, waiting lists, sales documentation, payment, delivery, and support. The Totem, designed for the customer inside the store, allows them to independently complete the entire purchasing process without the intervention of a sales consultant. With tangible benefits for the performance and reputation of both the store and the brand.