A new e-commerce to be always on the crest of the wave

From digital redesign to an advanced content strategy, up to global visibility campaigns.

The e-commerce for the well-known beachwear brand involved the agency in the complete digital project. We worked together with Sundek throughout the entire process, starting with a digital redesign of the user experience, supported by a robust content strategy, and the re-platforming of the e-commerce on Shopify.

Sundek not only needed a partner specialized in Shopify and able to ensure strong technical skills but also with deep expertise in digital strategy, engagement, and performance.

Solution and Strategies

· User Experience
· Content Strategy 
· Performance 
· Website Dev

Zendesk for CRM management was then integrated to the project, along with a visibility strategy involving global advertising campaigns, that aim to reach key countries for the brand, especially the United States. For campaign management, the Mexican office in Guadalajara of Adacto | Adiacent, specialized in the Google and Meta advertising world, has been involved and it has been important also for direct contact with the overseas market and to create an extended and international team with certified colleagues in Italy.