Sammontana Italia becomes Benefit Corporation and launches its new website

Sammontana is the first Italian ice cream company and leader of frozen pastry-making in the Country.

Sammontana has taken a relevant step by declaring the adoption of the legal form of a Benefit Company: a step further to make its commitment tangible and measurable. Sammontana aims to have a positive impact on the society and the planet by operating responsibly, sustainably, and transparently.

The restyling project of the Sammontana Italia website starts from the need to communicate the company’s new corporate identity, combined with the goal of creating a digital platform that highlights the new business model and identity elements (such as mission, vision, and purpose).

Solution and Strategies

· UX & UI Design
· Content Strategy
· Adobe Experience Manager
· Website Dev

Adacto|Adiacent was at first entrusted with Project Governance: the agency managed the entire workflow and activities, coordinating a mixed team not only composed by Sammontana stakeholders and agency resources but also including additional partners of the client. This ensured the go-live of the initial website version within a challenging timeline.

The agency, then, implemented the website and managed its releases: like the rest of the Sammontana digital ecosystem, the Sammontana Italia website is built on Adobe Experience Manager (in its As a Cloud Service version), a leading enterprise platform among Digital Experience Platforms (DXP).

Adacto|Adiacent also supervised and leaded the development of the guidelines for the new design system, aiming to make the creative process easier, ensuring a result aligned with the UX and UI requirements of Sammontana, and working consistently with the logic of the Adobe Component Content Management System as a Cloud Service. The new website  sammontanaitalia.it provides a clear and fluid experience, well expressing the values of a sustainable company committed to ensuring a better future.