Menarini enhances its global web presence through a strategic partnership with Adiacent

Menarini and Adiacent for Website Re-platforming

Menarini, a globally recognized pharmaceutical company, has a history of robust collaborations with Adiacent on various projects. The latest and most iconic of these initiatives is the global re-platforming of Menarini’s corporate website. In this crucial project, Adiacent serves as the lead agency, spearheading the deployment of an updated web presence across multiple international markets

Within the APAC region, Adiacent office in Hong Kong distinguished itself by winning a competitive pitch to become the lead digital agency. This victory underscores Adiacent’s capabilities and strategic importance within the broader partnership, specifically tasked with managing and executing the regional aspects of the global project.

Solution and Strategies

· Omnichannel Development & Integration
· System Integration
· Mobile & DXP
· Data Management
· Maintenance & Continuos Improvements

Optimization and Website Consistency with Adobe

The primary goal of this initiative was to transform Menarini’s digital façade, focusing on enhancing the corporate website’s performance and maintaining global consistency. By adopting Adobe’s robust suite, Menarini aimed to unlock advanced capabilities for website performance and maintenance, ensuring a high-quality user experience worldwide.

Managing Complexity: Project Coordination Across 12 Countries

The main challenge in this project was the complexity of coordinating efforts across 12 different countries within the APAC region, each with unique local requirements and business contexts. This required a meticulously planned and executed strategy to align all parties with the overarching project goals. Thanks to effective planning and the collaborative spirit between Menarini APAC and Adiacent, the project overcame these challenges. The teams implemented a smooth, phased approach, allowing each country to move forward in unison while addressing specific local needs. 

Expansion of Menarini's Digital Presence in the APAC Region

The re-platforming project has significantly enhanced Menarini’s online presence, providing a unified and modern digital platform that resonates with diverse audiences across the APAC region. This has not only improved user engagement and satisfaction but also streamlined content management and maintenance processes. The successful rollout across multiple countries has further demonstrated the scalability and flexibility of the new web infrastructure. 

Menarini and Adiacent: Innovation for a Global Digital Presence

The partnership between Menarini and Adiacent stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in meeting the complex demands of a global digital strategy. This project not only solidifies Adiacent’s role as a trusted global digital partner but also propels Menarini towards achieving its vision of a unified and dynamic online presence.