The multi-channel growth in the PetCare industry: the Laviosa case history

The beginning of an important collaboration: Social Media Management

Since February 2022, we have been partners with Laviosa S.p.A., one of the leading companies worldwide in the extraction and commercialization of bentonites and other clay minerals. Laviosa is also one of the major Italian producers of products for the care and well-being of pets, with an important focus on the cat litter segment. In this field, the company generates over 87 million euros in revenue within the GDO channel. (source Assalco – Zoomark 2023)

The first need of the company was to increase the Brand Awareness of its three main brands: Lindocat, Arya e Signor Gatto, through effective and creative management of the social channels.

This project saw the development of a new editorial model, taking care of digital strategy, content production, web marketing, and digital PR with a consistent and engaging presence on the social media channels of the three brands. The social media activities were centered on continuous growth in terms of Brand Awareness and Reputation, representing a crucial business tool for filtering contact requests and providing customer care.

Solution and Strategies

· Content & Digital Strategy
· Content Production
· Social Media Management & Marketing
· Ufficio Stampa e PR
· Website Dev
· UX & UI Design

Drive-to-store: from social media to point of sale

The work done on the social networks of the three brands (Lindocat, Arya e Signor Gatto) was aimed for constant growth of Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation and it is an important business tool for request filtering and customer care. Social media are essential in encouraging the drive-to-store, considering that physical retailers are the primary sales channel for Laviosa Brands.

In this perspective, an ad hoc campaign was created to promote Refill&Save: Lindocat’s self-service litter restock system. This initiative involved 16 retail points and obtained excellent results in terms of engagement, store visits, and strengthening the relationship with the brand.

The creation of an efficient touchpoint, in line with the brand identity

The success achieved for Lindocat, the leading brand of Laviosa, led to a complete renovation of the website in 2023:  lindocat.it. Launched on 04/10/2023, the new website involved Copywriting, UX & UI Design, and Web Development teams, creating engaging content, including an innovative page helping users choose cat litter.

Thanks to Lindocat’s extensive supply, the main focus has been the creation of a simple and intuitive User Experience to facilitate users in finding information and products.

Now the crucial phase of promoting the new website has started: publishing content through social platforms to introduce Lindocat products to a wider audience of cat lovers and owners.

“Do it right, human!”: the launch of the new Educational campaign

During the website renovation, another important need of the customer emerged. Laviosa, for quite some time, desired to launch an Educational campaign to raise awareness among cat owners regarding the conscious choice and proper use of mineral litter, conveying an easily declinable message to international markets and effective for all targets (B2C, B2B, Stakeholders).

The strategy proposed by Adacto | Adiacent involved extensive analysis of the situation, competitors, and opportunities, generating a creative concept able to meet the customer needs despite the complexity of the theme (sustainability and environmental impact of mineral litter).

The multi-subject campaign, to be published in various journalistic headlines (Corriere della Sera Digital, PetB2B, La Repubblica, La Stampa, La Zampa, Torcha), is on edu.laviosa.com, a website designed to provide information and engage the audience.

This initial phase aims to start a dialogue with the target audience, collecting questions and feedback, fundamental for the future evolution of the site and the project.