Il Borro
Many aspects, one platform

A property rich in history, right from its roots

Il Borro is a village hidden in the Tuscan hills. Within the estate, various aspects coexist from the one dedicated to high-level hospitality to those linked to the production of wine and oil, to farming, dining, and much more.

Sustainability, tradition, and restoration of the roots are at the core of Il Borro’s philosophy. The estate, with a history dating back to 1254, underwent a significant restoration starting in 1993 when it was acquired by Ferruccio Ferragamo. The Ferragamo family embarked on a journey to restore the village with the aim of enhancing it while respecting its significant history.

Looking at Il Borro as a whole, it becomes apparent that it constitutes a complex system. Each activity, from dining to hospitality, generates data.

Solution and Strategies

· Analytics
· data Enrichment
· App Dev

A new model of analytics to enhance data

The need at Il Borro was to be able to enhance these data: not just collect and interpret them, but also understand, analyze correlations, and evaluate the impact of each individual line of business on the rest of the company.

Adiacent, which has been collaborating with Il Borro for over 5 years, developed an analytics model integrated with the sales, logistics, and HR departments.

The platform consolidates data from various management systems into a data warehouse: accounting, cash, HR, and operations. The data is then organized and modeled using advanced methods that allow for maximum correlation of information across different heterogeneous sources. The system utilizes a powerful tabular calculation engine that allows querying the data through dynamic aggregation measures.

The model includes a data Enrichment management application that enables the enrichment and integration of corporate data in a simple, fast, and configurable way. The app allows for managing new differentiated managerial budget reclassifications for each line of business, entering non-managerial accounting movements to produce the monthly analytical balance, and finally enriching sales statistics with budget data. With this application, Il Borro can obtain statistics with reduced time frames and introduces new analysis elements to improve the quality of controlling activities.