The new Erreà e-commerce runs fast

The replatforming of the e-commerce website on the new Adobe Commerce (Magento) at the heart of the project.

Speed and efficiency are essential factors in any sport: the winner is the one who arrives first and makes the least possible number of mistakes. This is what drove Erreà’s new project, signed by Adacto | Adiacent, which involved the re-platforming and optimization of the performance of the company’s e-shop.

Solution and Strategies

· Adobe Commerce
Integrazione con MultisafePay
Integrazione con Channable
integrazione con Dynamics NAV

The company dressing in sports since 1988

Erreà has been producing sportswear since 1988 and, today is one of the main players in the team wear field for athletes and sports organizations both in Italy and internationally. This is thanks to the quality of products ensured by a strong passion for sports, technological innovation, and stylistic design.

Starting from the strong and long-standing collaboration with Adacto | Adiacent, Erreà wanted to completely upgrade the technologies and performance of its e-commerce website and processes. The goal was to provide the customer with a smoother, comprehensive, and dynamic shopping experience.

From technology to experience: a 360° design

The focus of Erreà’s new project was the re-platforming of the e-commerce website on the new Adobe Commerce (Magento), a cloud platform for which Adacto | Adiacent can count on the expertise of the Skeeller team (MageSpecialist), to which belong some of the most influential voices in the Magento Community around the world.

Furthermore, the e-shop has been integrated with the company’s ERP for catalog management, inventory, and orders to ensure up-to-date information for the end user. But that’s not all: the project also included the graphic and UI/UX design of the site, strategic marketing consulting, SEO, and campaign management to enhance the user experience of the new Erreà e-commerce.

Among many planned evolutionary activities for the website, Erreà’s project also involves the adoption of Channable, the software that streamlines the product catalog promotion process on major online advertising platforms such as Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram shops, and affiliate networks.

“Thanks to the transition of our e-commerce to a more agile and efficient technology,” says Rosa Sembronio, Marketing Director of Erreà, “the user experience has been improved and optimized, aligning with the expectations of our target audience. With Adacto | Adiacent, we developed this project starting from the needs of the end customer, implementing a new UX strategy and integrating data throughout the whole purchasing process”.