Comune di Firenze
The city of Florence confirms its social commitment through its new website

Thanks to Pon Metro 2014-2020, National Operational Program for Metropolitan Cities promoted by the European Union, the collaboration between the Municipality of Florence and Adacto│Adiacent has been renewed.

A synergy that gave birth to EUROPA X FIRENZE, the main website of the project, which aims to tell what the National Operational Program (PON) and, more generally, the contributions of the European Union will mean for the city: a concrete support for the development and the social cohesion in urban areas.

With a view to a more sustainable and innovative future, the city of Florence has set objectives aligned with the PON and PNRR programs, focusing its communication on the key points of the European agenda: mobility, energy, digital, inclusion, and environment.

Adacto|Adiacent collaborated with the Municipality of Florence in creating a website that clearly communicates the goals and projects of each sector outlined in the European agenda. Managing and deeply understanding complex topics was crucial in developing the EUROPA X FIRENZE website, along with building a visual identity that gives personality and distinctiveness to the project. Thanks to a vibrant and bright language and also thanks to placing the user at the center of each representation, the visual image created for the Municipality of Florence guides and engages the visitor through all the different fields of activity. Europa X Firenze claim clearly summarizes the project’s underlying objective

In EUROPA X FIRENZE, the European Union’s contribution is told through a careful distribution of content that supports the institution/citizen split. Each main topic is described using interactive infographics and key numbers, elements that make the website readable, easy to use, and semantically immediate.

The project’s communication strategy also included the creation of an ad hoc social media campaign, during which also thematic social cards were designed. Both the website and the campaign follow a precise common thread that adapts to the different media through and innovative style and a fluid, inclusive design.