Bongiorno Work
Bongiorno Work revolutionizes workwear with Adiacent

From the new e-commerce to the TV spot

We often say: Adiacent is marketing, creativity, and technology. But what does this triple essence translate into? It translates into the ability to bring entire projects to life, capable of embracing different areas and harmonizing them into effective and strategic solutions for businesses.

An example of this is the project Bongiorno Work: the e-commerce platform of the Bergamo-based company, Bongiorno Antinfortunistica, specialized in the production of workwear. For this client, we deployed technological, creative, and marketing expertise that opened new and exciting perspectives to the customer.

Solution and Strategies

· Digital Strategy
· Content Production
· Social Media Management

Watch the TV spot that we made

A successful collaboration

The Bongiorno Work payoff is “dress working people,” and in these few words, the company’s mission can be summarized. The company produces clothing for all, and I mean all, professions. Clear ideas and the foresight of Marina Bongiorno, the CEO of the company, led Bongiorno Work to be one of the first Italian brands to land on Alibaba.com. This is where Adiacent and Bongiorno Work began their collaboration. Bongiorno Work specifically chose Adiacent, a top Alibaba.com partner at the European level, to enhance and optimize its presence on the platform.

Since then, we have supported Bongiorno Work in numerous activities, with the latest being the project centered around the re-platforming of the e-commerce system.

Technology is the heart of the process

We accompanied the company in the replatforming process with a significant intervention that involved moving the e-commerce on Shopware and creating ad hoc plug-ins. To achieve this, we used our Skeeller unit, number one in Italy for the Magento world.

“The remake project of the Bongiorno Work e-commerce – says Tommaso Galmacci, Key Account & Digital Project Manager leading the Skeeller team – required a high-performance and extensible platform that would enable the client to rapidly develop their online business and streamline processes. The choice fell on Shopware, an Open Source technology based on modern and reliable technologies. The development of the new solution enabled us to implement a new and more efficient content manager, a responsive and completely revamped look & feel, and integration with the management system for the exchange of catalog, order, and customer information. Furthermore, in virtue of the commercial and technological partnership, Adiacent developed the official credit card payment plugin via Nexi on Shopware – providing a reliable and secure solution for electronic payments.”