The design of a brand “Outside The Bottle”.

It doesn’t matter what or how, behind a not ordinary brand, “why” is what counts the most. Poetically we are talking about soul, philosophy, vision, indelible imprint in the world. If we want to say it briefly, we would say “essence”. We pulled out Smart Spirits essence, starting a fascinating journey, among old flavours and new worlds. We are going to tell you everything about this journey here. Keep reading.

  • Brand Identity
  • 3D Rendering
  • Video production
  • Enhanced commerce
  • Appdev
  • Content production
  • Advertising

Redefining Drinks

A dispenser + a bottle of grain neutral alcohol + a discovery box with 30 different flavours. This is Smart Spirits formula: it goes back to the origins to revolutionise drinking experience. “I drink it because I like how it tastes”. Thanks to a bottle, Smart Spirits creates a sensational journey to the end of the world. You can choose if you want to enjoy your drink with or without alcohol, by choosing the perfect dosage for you. It is an inclusive revolution that breaks down barriers and distances. Flavour is in the spotlight.

Brand identity

From the meaning to the logo.

We expressed the seed and the meaning of this revolution creating a distinctive feature. Two parallel and decentralised “S” divide a circle into two communicating parts, simulating the future machine. Circularity, connection, curved and soft shapes giving the idea of something quick, intuitive, naturally moving and pleasant. The logo can be read upside down as well, this to remind its essence: it rewrites the concept of drink.

3D rendering

How to lead a revolution.

Attention to details. Respect for the subject. Attention to the message. Following these guidelines, we designed the entire experience, starting from the essence of this brand and transferring it to the different media channels used.

Video production

From design to real life. From the production to the hands of people.  The revolution becomes concrete, gets a precise profile, giving life to a new rite.

Enhanced commerce

All-in-one website and shop online.

This website is based both on brand needs and people curiosity. It is a place where values, vision and the revolution entity of the brand can be fully appreciated.
The shop follows the regulations that the home country foresees in terms of alcohol trade.
We could describe this website as an advanced tool, which builds deep relationships with users and uses data and people behaviour for targeted marketing campaigns.

App dev

Amplify the knowledge.

The Smart Spirits app is available for iOS and Android and it has been designed to amplify three concepts: flavour, knowledge and safety. It connects you straight to the Smart Spirits world and you can easily get updates about new flavours and cocktails recipes. It helps you regulate the alcoholic content of your drink and it foresees a parental control as well, so that minors can’t use the machine. You can also buy capsules on the App, choosing among all your favourite flavours.


Content production

Give voice to revolution.

We gave voice to a revolution and it has been such a challenging task. We had the chance to free creativity, provocation and to turn the traditional patterns upside down. This is the story we created for Smart Spirits and it’s coherent in every channel we used.
We created an editorial plan where Vision and Product are in balance. We conceived it to talk with the Early Adopters but to provoke tradition lovers as well.


It’s for everybody, without exception.

Choosing Smart Spirits means rewriting the rules of drinking: it’s a new system that breaks the old labels and free the flavour. The essence of this brand is being free to choose if you want to put some alcohol in your drink or not. Flavour is what really matters. Smart Spirit invites everybody to its party!


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