From the vineyard to the vineyard. A story of value.

A challenge. A challenge for the future. An exciting challenge. A challenging challenge. A challenge to overcome. A challenge won. Today the word “challenge” is definitely too much used (in every line of business). Anyway, today we will use it to tell you more about the collaboration between Caviro and Adiacent, starting from the premise that we will fill this word of truth and meaning. Truth, because this collaboration started from a tender notice launched by Caviro, so it has been a real healthy, strategic and creative competition between Adiacent and other companies focused on Customer Experience. Meaning, because in the middle of the project, Covid-19 arrived into our personal and professional lives, asking Caviro and Adiacent to rethink new models of collaboration to comply with the roadmap and the deadlines scheduled. Now it’s time to rewind the tape and tell you more about the most important details of this collaboration.

  • Creative Concept
  • Storytelling
  • Corporate Video
  • User Experience
  • CMS Dev

Caviro was founded in 1966 in Faenza, in the heart of Emilia-Romagna – a land with a rich identity and high wine vocation – to enhance the members’ grapes. Today, 50 years after the first contributions of grapes, the Group exports to over 70 countries and represents, with Caviro Sca, the largest winery in Italy and the number one company for wine produced in our country. Tavernello is the most famous of its brands, known all over the world. Caviro’s influence goes beyond wine. Thanks to Caviro Extra Spa, the Group is engaged in the recovery of by-products derived from the wine and agri-food chain which are transformed into biomethane and noble products for the food, pharmaceutical, and agriculture sectors. In the market, the Group is a leader in the production of alcohol in Italy and a world co-leader in the production of natural tartaric acid. Furthermore, with the Enomondo partnership, whatever remains is transformed into renewable energy sources.
Today Caviro Group is a European excellence for circular economy and sustainability. Caviro is economically sustainable because its financial statements reflect solidity and allow long-term projects. Caviro is socially sustainable because the effects of its financial statements have a positive effect on the whole community. Caviro is sustainable from an environmental point of view as well because its concrete commitment to the circular economy leads to clear benefits in the area.

Creative Concept

The roots of this story.

Caviro launched this tender notice to redefine its online brand identity with an important aim: representing consistently, starting from its main claim, the leadership in all the different fields it works for. The brand identity is now focused on a new basket of values, which bring together all the different companies and activities of the Group with the ethic, sustainable and technological innovation of circular economy.

Corporate Video

From the claim to the video.

The clam “Here, where it all comes back” has been conceived to tell 50 years of history and growth. It tells the bond between man and nature. Everything starts from the earth and to the earth comes back. This concept deserves to be protected, preserved and enhanced in every moment and gesture. For this reason, Caviro’s main focus in not on profit maximization but on the respect of people and environment. Circular economy has been conceived to preserve the value of natural resources. This model creates a shared value: it satisfies today needs and gives back a fertile land as well. A virtuous vision that connects past, present and future. There’s an infinite cycle where everything flows, feeds and comes back to the origin.

User Experience,

A circular tale.

The concept behind the new website expresses the values of Caviro’s claim and circular economy. On the homepage, there is a video with the new claim: “Here, where it all comes back”, which welcomes visitors into Caviro’s world. We based all the website on a visual identity which reflects the completeness of the circle we then decline during the tale through products, people and nature. We did it to emphasize the strong values of Caviro’s model.

The new website is the first milestone of a new strategy of communication that places Caviro as an authoritative voice and a point of reference in the world of sustainability. Thanks to a story of more than 50 years, Caviro can tell its distinctive approach and a forward-looking company vision. The cooperative model is a valuable model that connects the aim of a social and economic sustainability with environmental impact.

Sara Pascucci, Communications Manager, Caviro Group

Times and timelines.

The collaboration between Caviro and Adiacent won the stress test imposed by the lockdown: unplanned remote collaboration and all the unexpected events this weird period brought with him has been overcome. We built new models, essential both within Adiacent team and to have a strategic dialogue with Caviro. This is an important collaboration to talk about and it gave us a renewed consciousness: working with passion and enthusiasm helps overcoming every single obstacle and achieving every single objective.

A precious heritage.

Together with Caviro we mixed Storytelling, User Experience and Technology in the service of a circular economy model, a European excellence that reduces environmental impact and wastage, enhances people wellness and combines present to future going through tradition and identity. We are very proud of this collaboration that brings us even more closer to visions and topics that will be everyday more relevant. As mentioned on the sustainability report of the Caviro Group, the value of a company today is measured not only with the classic economic and financial indicators, but increasingly with its benefits on the territory and in the context in which it operates.

Caviro vino in tavola
Caviro vino in tavola

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